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Death’s Shadow is a dark & beautiful stand-alone novel written by Australian author, TJ Hamilton.

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Death’s Shadow

My name is Tatiana Pavlenka. I am the Russian Ballet’s Prima Ballerina. It’s been a tough journey to reach the pinnacle of my career, and it has come at a great cost … my soul.

I have been known by many names throughout my young life, but no one knows the true identity of who I really am.

War is about to break out around Russia, and it is the perfect opportunity for me to kill every man who has hurt me; who had his way with me.

The evil that’s about to strike down on Russia’s powerful men isn’t from their neighbouring countries. It’s from me, the one they call Ten’ smerti … Death’s Shadow.

Death's Shadow


About TJ Hamilton

TJ is a former cop turned writer. Her first hand experience of working the city streets of Sydney now helps her to write sexy stories of mystery and intrigue.  TJ’s head has been buried in crime since studying criminology at university over a decade ago, and she just can’t seem to shake her fascination with the macabre.

TJ now lives a quiet life in the tropics with her handsome husband and kids. She writes a weekly column for her local newspaper, and she spends her days re-living the action packed life she may have once had though her strong fictional characters.

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