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Natasha Is A Book Junkie | Feed Your Addiction

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Artwork text design by Hang Le

About Natasha Is A Book Junkie

Natasha is a desperate seeker of happily-ever-afters, feeding her imagination and seeking solace in great books.

Natasha’s first memory of a truly blissful moment was curled up in her bed with a good book. Her reading tastes might have changed over the years and become a lot more adventurous, but her love of books has only grown. These days, nothing compares to a good romance novel, preferably one with a healthy dose of strong characters, a generous amount of steamy hot lovin’ and a pinch of angst. She loves themes that push the boundaries of familiarity and believes in freeing your mind to the endless world of possibilities.

Book reviewing is a relatively new obsession of hers, call it venting if you must, born out of necessity more than anything else. It was either that or losing all her friends because she couldn’t stop talking about the books she was reading. Now she gets to do it whenever she wishes and she gets to keep all her friends too.

Oh, and Natasha likes to refer to herself in the third person.

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