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Anastasia Avignon is the debut young-adult fantasy series from Australian author, Millicent Nankivell

This is a Design & Artwork Package including:

  • Book cover artwork and design (including full jacket)

The Last King | Book #1


Anastasia Avignon had always known she was a witch. It wasn’t until shadow demons began chasing her that things started to get weird. Weird as in weird, even for a witch. When she’s forced into hiding with Warren Brackens and Dara Robbins, Anastasia begins to wonder if perhaps they have the answers she’s looking for.

With the intrigue of ancient curses, a lost royal family, and her dead best friend contacting her in her dreams though, will their knowledge cost her dearly?

About Millicent Nankivell

Hi *waves* I’m Millicent! I’m an Australian author, artist, and blogger (loosely translated: professional fangirl) and I am passionate about encouraging others to pursue their creative interests and careers in spite of the haters. ‘Cause lovely, we’ve all got haters.

Writing! I’ve been doing that thing for some time now. If you’re imagining me nodding my head sagely and stroking my beard wisely right now, then I like you*. I’m afraid I don’t have a beard though. It’s disappointing, but it is on my list of life goals so maybe one day.

My debut novel, The Last King, has been in the works for a very long time now. I’ve had ideas, written them, and scrapped them, time and time again. It took me a long time (and many deep, reassuring breaths) to acknowledge that due to being a perfectionist, I was never going to be happy with the final product. So I hired an amazing graphic designer to make the covers for my books and placed a bomb beneath myself (not literally, for those of you who were worrying). I did a whole lot of things that scared the life out of me, and now my first novel is being self-published in 2015. Because I believe in leading by example.

Not bad when you consider I started toying with the idea of this story when I was 8. Proof it’s never too late: I’m now 28.

Artist is an all-encompassing term that I use broadly when discussing creatives. I believe that art is powerful, art is moving, and art takes many forms. Art isn’t easy. People all too often dismiss it as “airy-fairy”, and somehow that equates to “not important”. I think though, that if it makes you feel something – if you connect with it – then it’s important and should not be so easily dismissed.

It was about 15 or so years ago that I first started using the internet as a space to document my life and passions. I taught myself HTML (and later CSS) so that I could build my own spaces on the internet, and not be limited by what others thought looked good. I would share the woes of being a teenager (gosh that was a tough time!), my art, and my writing. Largely it was Harry Potter fanfiction. Because who doesn’t love (or write) Harry Potter fanfiction? That’s right, it’s a familiar space for all of us.

It’s been a long and winding road for me to get to where I am, but I am so passionate about the idea that people can achieve their goals and follow their passions that I need to be writing this blog. To inspire positive creativity and to help build an intelligent and bright shining community of artists (end goal: world domination).


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