ALL The Questions!

SparrowHow long does it take for design material & artwork be completed?

  • #BookNerdFanGirl currently operates on a 3 day week, with moments of sneaky art nabbed in between.  I am presently working on a 2-3 week turnaround for completed projects.

book-smlWhat if I’m not sure exactly what I want on my book cover & marketing images?

  • No worries! That’s where I come in. We’ll chat & talk about possible ideas, I’ll throw some sketches your way & we can evolve your custom artwork from there!

metalhands-smlHow do I choose between an illustrated/painted cover design or a photo cover design?

  • This is a completely personal choice! A painted cover could be anything from a minimalistic approach to design, through to fully painted figures and anything in between! Photo cover design can be straight stock images manipulated to reflect the best first impression of your book. Or we can do some mixed-media and tie in some illustration with a photo.

kiss-smlWhat makes you different from other designers & artists?

  • Tricksy hobbitses!  There is no right answer to this question; I’ll just say this.  I love reading.  I love fangirling over books.  I love to get creative with books characters.  I am passionate about what I do, about what you do, and about being a book nerd.  I will bring that fangirl intensity to the artwork I create for you!

anchor-smlWhat if I’m not happy with the fabulous artwork you’ve created for me?

  • My job is to make sure you are 100% happy with it!  It is important to me that my art represents your book, characters & theme.  I will tweak, jiggle & re-work as needed until you’re happy with the artwork.


I’ve checked out your artwork (thanks!), but I canna find a style that suits my book/blog.  How do I know that you can design the artwork that I want?

  • I will be 100% up front with you from our initial discussion.  I believe I can adapt to any style you can imagine.  If I haven’t tried it before, I’ll try it for you until I get it right!


Is there anything that you do not paint or design?

  • Very few things! Namely: abusive, non-consensual, violent images.  I am comfortable painting all manner of couples, levels of nudity, blood, supernatural beings & sexually explicit artwork.  I even paint unicorns with their fabulous rainbow poop!


I know you specialise in illustrated covers & designs, but what if I want a photo incorporated into the artwork?

  • Totally cool.  I am comfortable working with photo manipulation.  When we have our initial discussion we can talk about options!


What should I have ready before I contact you?

  • Your imagination! But more practically, you can head over & fill out my nifty form with as much information as you have on you!  Don’t stress if you can’t answer all of the questions – we’ll fill in the blanks & branch it out when we have our initial chat!


How will I provide files to you?  How will you provide me with updates & the final artwork?

  • I provide frequent visual and noted updates via a form on my website for you to review. I use to provide you with the final artwork pieces.  Final artwork can be quite large in size, and will not always email for this reason.


How do I pay for the artwork & designs?

  • Payment is to be made via PayPal.  It is a secure way for you to pay for my services.  I require a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to beginning a project.  The remaining balance can be paid at the completion of the project, or earlier at your discretion.  Full payment details are provided on both your quote and invoice.


What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

  • If you live in Australia, I can accept payments via Direct Deposit.  I can provide my account information upon request.  If you’re an international client, I apologise, however I do not accept payment via any other methods.


How do I credit you for the artwork?

  • If it’s a book cover I have designed for you, just a wee line in the credits part of your book stating: Cover Design by Jemina Venter | BookNerdFanGirl |


Why are some of your prices not listed on the website?

  • Each project I undertake is unique, and as such may have varied requirements and intricacies that require different skills and time frames. Once you complete my Request A Quote form, I will evaluate your request and provide you a fair quote based on the details provided.


Can we actually speak (not over email) to discuss my designs & artwork?

  • Well that would be just lovely!  I am happy to Skype or Google Hangout to chat “in person” about your design project!  If you live in Brisbane, Australia, drop me a line & we can catch up over a hot chocolate to discuss!


Can I provide you with feedback?

  • Please do! I would love to hear your thoughts on our (hopefully!) amazing experience in bringing your book to artwork!  I will send you a form, along with your Project Completion Confirmation, so you can scribe away any thoughts you have!


Where is your General Policy located?


You’ve answered alot of questions for me, but I have more.  MORE I SAY!  How can I contact you?

  • Through my shiny little Contact form made just for you!  Or you can hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!