#BookNerdFanGirl brings two things that I love most together: a passion for reading and creating art!

As an unabashed reader of all that makes me swoon, a large part of my art is heavily inspired by the worlds & characters written about by authors. Those delicious book boyfriends, the kickass heroines, the scenes that bring them together & tear them apart, overflowing with the feels!

All of this, the beautiful & the harsh moments you write with these amazing characters, is why I am inspired to create paintings & designs based on favourite novels.

So here at #BookNerdFanGirl I use that same passion to design & paint the characters beloved to you for you!kiss

I bring my fangirl excitement for books, your book!, to each piece of artwork that you commission from me. I like to capture the characters quirks & unique identifiers that you & your readers will recognise in the finished artwork. It is so important to me that the finished result is detailed & true to your characters identity!

I am a self-taught artist, originally through traditional means before moving onto digitally painted art.   I am experienced in the use of Photoshop for painting, design and digital restoration of old photographs. My strengths are in digitally painted portraiture, Design, Illustration and Pop-Art.
All artwork is presently created digitally using a Wacom Cintiq named Alice (in Wonderland).

Having indulged in personal painting projects for over 10 years, I am now currently studying for my Diploma of Graphic Design at CATC.

Please check out my current portfolio, containing both professional works and personal artwork inspired by books.

Have a read what my previous & current clients are saying about #BookNerdFanGirl on my Client Testimonials page!