Hi. My name is Jem and I’m a Booknerdfangirl.

I love to read books where the characters make me feel. I want to laugh, cry and feel the woo. I love the woo!  Those delicious book boyfriends, the kickass heroines, the scenes that bring them together & tear them apart, overflowing with the feels

All of this, the beautiful & the harsh moments you write with these amazing characters, is why I am inspired to create paintings & designs based on both favourite novels & new books to explore.

Thus, a few years back I started Booknerdfangirl as a way of combining my love of reading romance novels with the artwork they were inspiring me to create.kiss

I am a fangirl at heart. When I love something, I am EXCITED about it. Always.

As a self-taught artist, I learned originally through traditional means before moving onto digitally painted art. These days I draw, paint & colour in both Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint (on a Wacom Cintiq named Alice) and occasionally in Autodesk Sketchbook (on an iPad named RoseTyler). I tend to favour digitally painted portraits, illustration in various styles and logo design in both my personal and professional works.

Please check out my current portfolio, containing both professional works and personal artwork inspired by books.

Have a read what my previous & current clients are saying about BookNerdFanGirl on my Client Testimonials page!